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  • FirewoodFX and its affiliate bear no responsibility for any losses that may arise from the utilization of the ForexCopy feature, whether directly or indirectly.
  • It is highly advised that the Leader trades with a fixed-lot size, as the Followers will replicate the trades in the same fixed-lot size mode.
  • The Leader accepts that the account information, inclusive of trading performance, deposit information, and withdrawal history, may be subject to public disclosure.
  • It is advisable for the Follower to create an account using the Leader's affiliate link, as most leaders only accept ForexCopy requests from affiliated accounts.
  • Partial closing is discouraged due to technical reason
  • The utilization of Close-By/Close-Hedge/Multiple-Close-By to close trades is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED.
  • The Follower agrees to the disclosure of account balance and equity information to the leader.
  • It is recommended that followers with 100% volume maintain a larger account balance than the leader in order to avoid any copy failures due to insufficient margin.
  • If the ForexCopy leader or IB receives a commission in both USD and IDR fixed rate, the entire commission will be calculated and disbursed in IDR fixed rate (IDR 10,000/USD) or in USD with real exchange rate.
  • If the Leader opts to close trades within 15 seconds of opening, there is a chance that the trade may not be replicated in the Follower's account.
  • Both the Follower and the Leader acknowledge and consent to all potential risks that may arise due to any delays in the system's processing of requests, which may extend beyond a duration of 5 minutes.
  • The Follower hereby acknowledges and accepts all associated risks, including those that are related to:
    • the fact that the execution price of orders on the Follower's Account may differ from the execution price on the Leader's Account due to Market execution. The Company does not provide compensation for potential discrepancies in profit/loss and commission for these transactions.
    • the Leader's experience level and qualifications;
    • the potential losses arise from the Leader's partial closure of its position, resulting in the simultaneous closing of the current position and immediate opening of a new position in the Follower's Account.
    • the disparity in margin requirements between the Leader's and Follower's accounts.
    • the potential losses or profit loss may arise from volume rounding during the process of copying transactions from a Leader.
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